Could this lead to a more fulfilled YOU?
Healing starts from the inside...

Learn how to tap, and use your inner voice to clear yourself of past pains, regrets and limits you've put on yourself that are keeping you from acting with your full power.  Start thinking and acting from your true self again.  The part of you that innately knows what is best for you.

We may have advanced technologically over the years, but we really have not upgraded the "software" in our brains for generations.  A large part of our ancient programming has been designed for survival at any cost, sometimes without any seemingly logical sense.  It no longer fits the model of our modern world!!!  Unfortunately, when we look at the world from a threatening perspective our responses to this can often turn extreme and even illogical.  Have you ever responded to a stressful situation by grabbing a cigarette, or a bottle of beer, or maybe even eaten a whole pizza by yourself?  Or perhaps you "flew off the handle" and yelled at someone as if they were there to literally take away your life as you knew it?  What had gotten into us that we would do such things so uncharacteristic of who we think we are?  We may even later wonder why we reacted the way we did, as it seems to make little sense.  Yet in fact we did it.  We sabotaged ourselves, made a fool of ourselves, attacked someone for something completely harmless, or did not show up, or not do something we said we would do even though the results, had we followed through, would have been very beneficial.  It's as if we are two separate people combined in one body.  Conflicted are we sometimes.  Perhaps a past trauma had led to you to respond in this way.  And unfortunately, it will continue to act that way in the future without some active intervention.  So before the next crisis occurs, and you react in a way that seems odd, or extremely defensive, and completely out of character, I hope you will give Tapping a try.  

Many of our self-survival tactics have little place in this world anymore.   We need creative, talented people, inspired to do their best and be able to share and contribute their greatness for everyone.  We need kindness and compassion, generosity and prosperity in order to raise our level of consciousness as a whole.  We need the bold, the courageous, the inspired, to lead us to a new level of living an even better life!  Cowering in fear of the next outburst, or feeling depressed after eating more than your share of food does not make your light shine.  It only dulls it, and it does not serve you.  And it does not have to be you anymore!  

[Misconceptions] The past cannot be changed.  Perhaps the events of the past cannot be changed, but the meaning of every event can mean something totally different from what was previously perceived.  Some of life's greatest victories came one step after its biggest failures. But if those great people in history did not change what they had perceived to be failure into the opportunity that revolutionized the world, WE would never be here discussing these issues, over a cup of coffee, in front of our laptops, or on our smart phones.  We would literally be hundreds of years behind our standard of living had our great thinkers and inventors given up and settled for the job at the local grocery store, or a factory job (That's honorable work, don't get me wrong.  But it wasn't what they were destined to achieve).   If you are looking for an answer Tapping may be key to your great  turnaround.

Now More Than Ever The Future of Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Happiness and Fulfillment  Is In Your Hands.

It may actually be a scary thing for you to realize that you have more power and much more control over your life than you realize. Perhaps circumstances in your life have made you feel like you were limited, but you were not.  Fear creates limitations.  But sometimes those fears are no longer valid - maybe the situation no longer exists.  Maybe you have grown to a level that the situation is no longer a struggle, maybe someone imposed that fear on you, but it was a lie to keep you "behaved".  Does it keep you limited?  Will it hold you back from achieving the things you truly wanted to accomplish?  This does not have to be the case!   

If you're constantly tired, find yourself struggling, unfulfilled, feel like you're not in control, then you could be on the edge of a breakthrough....

All of these things are signs that you desire to change

Not the person you thought you'd be?  Maybe not the weight you wanted to be at?  What's been stopping you?  Time to make your reality more like your true self!  Move forward by clearing some old blocks that have been holding you back from being the awesome, authentic YOU!!!
If rejecting people used to be your hobby, maybe it was really YOU that you rejected and did not want anyone to get to know.  YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!!!  But perhaps you do require some healing.  
Do you feel a huge weight on your shoulders or your chest at times and don't know why?  Feel intense, paralyzing pressure when nothing seemingly is holding you back?  
Maybe you've always wanted to perform in front of a huge audience so you can show your talents, but have been deathly scared.  What's stopping you?  Perhaps something traumatic from your past that you've ignored but never quite gotten over?    
No, we can't guarantee you will be floating in air, but maybe you will feel some sense of lightness, like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  Wouldn't that be worth your time?
  • the potential to heal past pain in a relatively short amount of time...
  • a very inexpensive way to solve past issues
  • no drugs, no pills, nothing to swallow, nothing to inhale
  • Warning:  you might find you are far more powerful and capable of running your life than you realized.  Hope you're ready for it!!!
  • perhaps a greater sense of peace, confidence, ability to deal with previously difficult situations and people
  • another possibility of being able to control urges and manage eating, outbursts, fears, feelings not worthy of your attention anymore

    *Please note, we do not make any claims to cure, treat or diagnose any diseases.  Tapping is complimentary to any formal regimen to help with overall health.

“I believe there's one thing that you and only you can do in this world! no one else has the knowledge, or the wisdom or the courage, or even the spirit to do it.  Only you!!! Want to find out what it is?  then don't let anything get in the way!!!”

“yeah, i felt the fear, but this time i did it anyway!!!”
When I realized that most of the fear was self-manufactured from an old phobia I had when I was a kid, I found the strength to get past that.  I'm no longer that little boy anymore.  And I can certainly handle more!  I don't want to toot my own horn, but there are so many moments now that I truly feel unstoppable!!!  

“I can be the hero”
I used to give up or not follow through on commitments, a lot of them.  When my family saw this, I imagine they were very disappointed in me.  Of course they loved me.  But I could have done so much more for myself and them.  Now I can show them I'm not a quitter, they know how hard I try and it's even rubbed off on them.  I see them put in 100% effort and that has given them a lot of confidence in themselves!!! They see their dad as someone who can be counted on and feel proud of!  

Tapping Program DAY 1 : Procrastination Tapping to make the necessary changes NOW
Tapping Program DAY 2 : On having a lack of success
Tapping Program DAY 3 :  Relieving yourself of cravings
Tapping Program DAY 4 : Reducing physical pain
Tapping Program DAY 5 : Forgiveness
Tapping Program DAY 6 :  Enhancing your abilities, a power boost!

A Crash Course in Tapping
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